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Take charge of your financial future

We offer detailed, complete financial services for you, your family and your business regardless of the level of income or quantum of assets. Objective, unbiased financial advice based on a professional analysis of your financial situation. Our advice is tailor made to suit your needs and your financial goals are always kept front of mind. Our practice operates on three core principles: Integrity, Expertise and Simplicity.

Focus clientele:
Young couples or single parent families looking to cover their risks. Children and dependents are front of mind while saving or investing for post-secondary education and/or a mortgage down payment. Considerations Include but are not limited to emergency or contingency planning. Learn more…
Seniors or retirees actively considering the transfer of wealth to their children or grandchildren. Involves inheritance planning, estate equalization, business succession strategy, life insurance, final tax planning and probate considerations. Learn more…
Newcomers from India who’re in the process of rebuilding their lives from scratch. Having moved to Canada from India and being familiar with the Indian financial landscape makes us uniquely positioned to understand your needs and your offshore financial arrangements. Lakh, crore, rupee, FD, ULIP, MF, EPF...we know what you mean.


Areas of Practice

Savings & investments

Navigate the complex world of savings and investments by understanding your financial goals, risk profile and time horizon. Saving to buy a car, make a down payment on a house or child’s education? One size does not fit all. Need help deciding between TFSA, RRSP, RESP, etc.?

Insurance & risk management

Insurance and risk management is the bedrock of a secure financial future. We help you secure your family’s future well being or the continuity of your business through a detailed understanding of your insurance needs including life, health, disability and critical illness.

estate planning

Estate planning is essential for anybody with assets, liabilities, children or other dependents. Effective planning ensures a smooth transfer of wealth. Ask us how we can help with estate equalization, succession & inheritance planning, final tax strategy, contingency planning & creditor protection.


Integrity, Expertise, Simplicity
— Our Guiding Principles