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Estate Planning

Inheritance, wealth transfer and contingency planning.


What we focus on

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Wealth Transfer & Maximisation

Maybe you’re thinking about transferring all or part of your wealth to your children or grandchildren. Or maybe you just want to put in place a plan that facilitates the smooth transfer of wealth to your spouse or the next generation in the case of any eventuality. We work with you to maximize your assets for your family, while being mindful of final tax liabilities, probate and other estate implications.

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Succession & Estate Equalisation

Estate equalisation is not easy if you want to be fair to your inheritors. It is especially tricky is there is a family business or any real estate involved. We use estate equalisation strategies to offer you workable solutions to enable your potential inheritors to receive an equal share of the family pie. A well thought out estate equalisation plan can go a long way towards avoiding conflict within the family.

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contingency and legacy Planning

Whether you’re a young family or a senior, planning to cover financial shortfalls in the event of unforeseen circumstances is extremely important, if not easy to think about. We work with you to ensure your family has access to cash when it is needed most, immediately after the unforeseen loss of a loved one. We also address any wish that you may have to leave behind a financial legacy for your family.

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A comprehensive risk management and emergency planning program aimed at peace of mind and financial security for young parents.

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