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Specialising in services for Newcomers & Non-Resident Indians in Ontario


Take charge of your financial future

What We Do

We offer complete financial planning & services specifically focused on NRIs living in Ontario and newcomers to Canada. Our expertise in both, the Canadian and the Indian financial system, gives us an edge when it comes to offering financial advice for you and your family. We understand first hand the needs of NRIs in Canada, including the importance of handling family, assets and liabilities in both countries. Taking care of life across borders is complicated and sometimes you need help figuring out the financial details. Let’s face it, you’re great at what you do, but you simply don’t have the time to spend many hours working on your financial affairs; this is where we come in.

How We Do It

We work as a team with expert financial planners in Canada and in India to ensure that you get comprehensive, tailored advice, no matter the complexity of your family situation. Typically, we work with young couples and families to organize their financial lives by helping them to:

Reduce Tax
Manage Debt
Rationalize Insurance
Maximize Investments

Our Process:

1. In our first, no-obligation meeting we understand your current financial situation, goals and challenges.

2. We develop a custom financial plan for you and provide suggestions and recommendations where appropriate, with detailed explanations.

3. Once the plan is developed, we present it to you. During this phase, we take your thoughts and feedback on board.

4. Once it’s to your liking, we implement the plan, thereby ensuring a smooth transition from planning to implementation.


Talk to us about…

Savings & investments

Navigate the complex world of savings and investments by understanding your financial goals, risk profile and time horizon. Saving to buy a car, make a down payment on a house or child’s education? One size does not fit all. Need help deciding between TFSA, RRSP, RESP, etc.?

Insurance & risk management

Insurance and risk management is the bedrock of a secure financial future. We help you secure your family’s future well being or the continuity of your business through a detailed understanding of your insurance needs including life, health, disability and critical illness.

estate planning

Estate planning is essential for anybody with assets, liabilities, children or dependent parents. So, if you have kids or if you’ve taken on a mortgage, it’s essential that you have adequate insurance cover and an estate plan in place for your family if you were no more.


Integrity, Expertise, Simplicity
— Our Guiding Principles