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Life insurance is not as glamorous or exciting as investments. Alright fine, its dreary and downright depressing. However, life insurance is the bedrock of financial security and when done right, provides you with something priceless: peace of mind. Anybody with children, other dependent parents or a mortgage should consider getting adequate and appropriate life insurance cover.


Disability & Critical illness insurance

Accident and sickness insurance is as dreary and depressing as life insurance, but may be just as important depending on your circumstances. Adequate disability insurance and an effective critical illness policy are two components of your financial security that shouldn’t go unnoticed. These and other policies are just as important, especially if you’re the sole income earner.

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insurance for estate planning

Insurance has a huge role to play in effective estate planning strategy, especially with regard to asset equalization for your children, funding final tax liabilities, leaving a legacy for your family. It also has a role to play in tax minimization. In Addition to these uses, many insurance products may provide creditor protection, and therefore, are an important part of a business owner’s financial plan.

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Your home is your biggest asset and an important piece of stability in your life. Make sure it’s protected so you don’t lose it to unforeseen circumstances.

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